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Pamela Dore Alford

In the worst time of my life, after tragically losing my soul mate and husband, Maria was gifted to me. Her magic lies in so many places that helped lift me out of the darkest shadows of grief, and help me find hope. She cleared pathways rotted with pain, added strength to my mind, and soul. Her work is nothing short of miraculous. Something I have never before experienced. Only heard and read about. I have never been someone that, "didn't believe." I am open-minded, and curious. But as with many things in this inexplicable life, sometimes you cannot see the magic that helps you heal and learn. Maria Muir is a gentle master of  a life saving art. I am forever grateful.

Lisa Elin

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I'm not exactly sure what's going on but I know that Maria helps me feel at peace. She brings me such joy and comfort during my time of transition. I don't know how long this will take but it's comforting to have this young lady assist me on this journey.

Glen Hayward

I had two sessions with Maria during my extended stay in the US, and the impact is still very real and profound. I had been working with different healers and shamans before, but the transformation and change these 2 sessions brought stand out. This is deep shamanic healing work, bringing about major shifts - if you are ready and work for it. I especially like the follow up and "homework" I got to tackle next steps so that being back on the other side of the world I still benefit deeply from what has been kicked off during these sessions. 

Christiane Bantel

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