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In my teenage years I found a quiet acceptance inside myself as I experienced the deaths of loved ones. While some were anticipated and others tragic, I found myself standing strongly beside friends and family in their time of need; called into service so that others could experience and be in their pain. Watching me handle these situations with such ability and strength, my father encouraged me to pursue medical school so that these qualities could provide solace to others in life and death situations. Western medicine did not call to me however and I gravitated into the film industry where I excelled as a leader for almost 30 years. Yet throughout this career, my soul yearned for more. Medicinal plant medicine, Aromatherapy and Native American teachings appeared on my quest in 1993 as I searched for my true purpose. An overwhelming number of young loved ones' deaths and my own personal challenges led me on a path of self discovery and re-birth. The film industry took a back seat as my true calling and healing practice emerged. I was intent on helping others make conscious transitions without fear.  My invaluable experience in leadership, organizational skills and crisis management along with my first hand witnessing of death, and the healing needed to face the end of life fearlessly, has been woven together into a beautiful tapestry of incredible tools that I use in my healing work today. 


Multi-cultural studies of belief systems, healing practices and life and death rituals has taken me down a road of service to those in need of assistance with life and end-of-life planning and guidance. I encompass Shamanic Energy Medicine, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing and standard practices into my tool bag. A graduate of The Four Winds Society Light Body School and the American College of Healthcare Sciences as well as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Reiki Master, I continues to seek and discover ways to meld spirit and science as one. 

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